90% of U.S. Foundations
do not have Websites.

Are you missing opportunity?

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90% of U.S. Foundations
do not have Websites.

Are you missing opportunity?

Get connected where it matters.

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At Grant Strategies, LLC, I design and implement strategic grant seeking programs for non-profit organizations, based on a thorough understanding of the organization’s purpose and activities, which include: dedicated research, planning and preparation of well-timed asks from a variety of appropriate funders, and consistent, solid reporting practices to assist organizations in developing long-term relationships with funders. This approach provides a stable financial foundation which enables organizations to grow beyond the daily struggle of finding funding for activities, to outcomes, to achieving desired impacts.

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When Grant Strategies, LLC began working with the American Cello Institute, Inc. on their new initiative, The International Chamber Orchestra of Puerto Rico (ICOPR), the program was a two-week festival of free concerts, masterclasses, and educational outreach events that served just under 2,000 community members throughout Puerto Rico. Over the course of the last five years, (and through hurricanes, earthquakes, and now a pandemic) the program…[Read More]

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People are Talking

Melanie Yohe is truly brilliant, meticulous and indefatigable. When in the trenches of a project, she remains focused and calm, always maintaining a clear vision of the goal at hand. She is our go-to for all of our grant and proposal writing projects. It is an absolute joy to work with her!

Cara Elise Colón, Vice President, American Cello Institute, Inc.

Melanie was great to work with! She was knowledgeable and efficient. We highly recommend working with Melanie for your grant-seeking needs.

Anne H. Showers, Ed.M., Founder and CEO, Accessible Academics

Our collaboration encouraged and motivated me to launch Melbourne String Academy’s pilot community outreach project in Melbourne, Australia. Melanie is responsive, quick and efficient. She immediately understood the mission and vision of the organization and was able to reflect these values in the project grants. I am incredibly grateful for her support as a colleague and friend from across the pond.

Diana Wuli, Founder, Melbourne String Academy

The application brought me to tears!

Review Panel Member, National Endowment for the Arts

Melanie’s familiarity with funding opportunities in this region helps us feel confident that she is always presenting us with the most suitable options that fit our needs best.

Rev. Kevin M. Wing, Executive Director, Lockport CARES, Inc.

Melanie is a pleasure to work with, knowledgeable, responsive, and as passionate as we are about accomplishing the adventurous goals on our list.

Jessica Tomaino, President, WAHI Studio, Inc.

Melanie is the only grant writer I refer to – I’ve had the opportunity to refer clients to her but have also worked with her as a client as well, as I sit on the board of one of the organizations she works with. She’s EXCEPTIONAL – she does extraordinary research, really gets to know her organizations well, and does an excellent job at identifying funding opportunities that would best fit her organization clients’ goals. She’s extremely responsive”

Alyssa M. Gross, Esq., William C. Moran & Associates, P.C.
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