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Melanie Yohe

Sole Member/Manager of Grant Strategies, LLC, specializing in grant research, writing, administration, program evaluation, and reporting for nonprofit organizations on a contract basis. American Grant Writers’ Association (AGWA) Certified Grant Writer. Business member of the AGWA. Guest lecturer at the State University of New York at Buffalo, Introduction to Nonprofit Business II, April 2020. Collaborator on 2020 journal article on community writing as degree coursework, published in Experience Magazine, an on-line publication of the Cooperative Education & Internship Association (CEiA). Presenter at the Coalition for Community Writing (CCW) 2019 Conference on Community Writing in Philadelphia, PA.

Melanie received her BA in English with a concentration in professional and technical writing from Indiana University East.


Recent Awards Include:

  • The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) – Challenge America (3x)

  • The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) – Grants for Art Projects

  • The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) – CARES Act

  • Flamboyán Arts Fund

  • Fundación Angel Ramos (3x)

  • Indiana University’s New Frontiers of Creativity and Scholarship

  • Liberty Foundation

  • Para la Naturaleza – Playa de Ponce

  • Apertura De Convocatoria- PSBA – Ley CARES Covid-19

  • City of Monash Quick Response grant

  • Creative Victoria, Victorian Music Industry Recovery Program grant

  • Fundación Puertorriqueño de la Humanidades

  • Grigg Lewis Foundation (4x)

  • Instituto de Cultura Puerterriqueño

  • Laura J. Niles Foundation

  • Margaret L. Wendt Foundation (6x)

  • Walmart Foundation Local Community Grants

“I love what I do. I enjoy the work, but also believe very strongly in the value of the work I do. I believe in my heart I am helping my clients make the world a better place. I’m passionate about the work my clients do and feel honored and blessed to be able to assist them in their work.”

In my spare time…

Volunteer activities include work for the International Chamber Orchestra of Puerto Rico, a project of the American Cello Institute, Inc., as assistant director of outreach, personnel manager, production assistant, copy writer, and historical and statistical record keeper. I also volunteer at the Theatre of Youth (TOY) in Buffalo, New York and holds positions on the finance, outreach, and long-term planning committees of her church, as well as a seat on her church council.

Success Stories

City of Monash Quick Response Grant

Grant Strategies, LLC is THRILLED to announce ANOTHER grant received by the Melbourne String Academy (MSA)! The City of Monash has awarded MSA the Monash Quick Response grant for Virtual Music Connect, a program [...]

Creative Victoria

Congratulation to the Melbourne String Academy and its founder, Diana Wuli, on receipt of the Creative Victoria, Victorian Music Industry Recovery Program grant for the Virtual Music Connect (VMC) program! Virtual Music Connect is a community outreach pilot program [...]

Accessible Academics

Grant Strategies, LLC is thrilled to congratulate Accessible Academics on receipt of funding from the Margaret L. Wendt Foundation! Accessible Academics provides affordable academic and independent [...]

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