I help your organization establish and implement a focused, deliberate grant seeking program.

I apply a strategic approach to grant seeking to strengthen and grow your organization. We find the right family of funders for your organization, and establish and nurture long term relationships, forming a strong financial foundation to support the important work of your organization.


  • Determine client need.
  • Research using a variety of sources widely recognized as authoritative and accurate to find grant offerings by compatible funders.
  • Carefully vet fudning opportunities to determine best program/funder matches.
  • Research recent award recipient programs to determine how client programs/projects compare to past recipient programs.
  • Recommendations appropriate dollar amount of the ‘ask’ based on an understanding the funder’s award history.
  • Create a timeline of recommended grant submissions to support client programs.


Types of grants:

  • Federal
  • State
  • Local gov
  • Foundation
  • Corporate

Reporting to Funders

Let Grant Strategies, LLC create expert, thorough, accurate, reports for your funders so you can focus on the important work of your programs.